Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sun, Floods and Bugs!

Some more lovely friends Holly & Rachel
I know it's been rather a long time since my last blog; it took forever to get my internet sorted in the apartment and then I have been busy working (yes working) at school.
Friend & neighbour Mel (not normally dressed as an Egyptian)

Even Starbucks is preparing the sandbags
Having a lovely time here and there is so much to say that I shall try to do so with pictures - it'll be so much easier. This week has been a bit of a strange one though. I finally succumbed to a Thai belly and had to take a few days off work. I'm better now, but the bigger events this week are the floods. It's been mainly affecting the north of Thailand, causing devestation across peoples homes, businesses and sadly a lot of lives. The floods are starting to move to Bangkok. So far we're alright, but the river is very high. Today there was so much rain that some of the stairways around school had to be closed, parents evening was cancelled. The school is right next to the river and we have sandbag walls defending us! There are some roads around us though, that are more at risk and some of the pupils are finding it difficult to get into school. It's meant to be getting worse...

At "Brown Sugar", jazz club in Bangkok

Paul arrived safely and the his sister Grace came to join us! They have now started their travels around Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. It's half term on Friday so I shall (hopefully) be flying out to join then in Cambodia for the week.

Me, Grace and Paul on a longboat trip abound the canals

Straight after half term we are busy rehearsing for the first big concert of the year; "Last Night of The Proms" with guest conductor John Moore. John has been coming out to conduct the orchestra for Proms for the past few years. I think it's over 10 years since I've been conducted by John Moore.