Thursday, August 18, 2011

I've arrived and I've survived!

Finally managed to get online and access to my blog. It'll probably be a few weeks before I get internet access in my flat though.
I arrive on Saturday afternoon after a smooth(ish) flight from Heathrow. I ended up sitting with three other teachers from the school that I had previously met in London and happen to be in the same apartmetn block too.
On our first evening the four of us went to explore our surrounding and went for a walk and sample some of the street food. We weren't entirely sure what we were asking for, but fortunately we all ended up with some yummy and familar looking for for the grand price of  30 Baht (about 60p).
The apartmetn block I am staying at is amazing, although it does feel as though I'm living in a hotel, so I'm trying to make it feel a bit more homely! 
Having a complete nightmare with customs at the moment and they are holding all the things I sent out. Yesterday I needed to complete an inventory of every single item in the 3 (rather large) boxes and how much each is worth. Hopefully I may have my things early next week, but I think it is going to cost me more to retrieve the items than their actual worth!

Rob, one of the teachers I flew out with and is in the same apartment, is slightly obsessed with taking photos. As I am quite rubbish at remembering to take any I have borrowed his memory stick and am going to attempt to upload some on here!

The view from the riverboat...

At Wat Po.... 

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's the final countdown!

Packed (only 4 KG over the limit - so not too bad!) - Check
Left parents' home in a complete mess - check
CDs on laptop - not quite check, few last minute imports going on!

Off to the pub for lunch with Paul, Mum & Dad and then Paul and I are making our way to Heathrow where he will drop me off. Flight's not until 22.15 so we have quite a bit of time.

Will make sure I get a pint of some fine english beer before I leave today.

Will write more when in Bangkok...

Pip x

P.S. Didn't even bother watching Torchwood last night!