Sunday, July 24, 2011

Really should start to pack

School has finished. It hasn't really sunk in that I'm not going back next term, although it was good not having to plan or prepare for next term. It was so sad and difficult to say goodbye to everyone so I did so very quickly and then left before I blubbered!

Now my focus needs to be to sort and pack, which is so so dull. Watching Andrew Marr (well James Landale) and writing my blog in a pathetic attempt to put it off. I do need to mow the lawn today too...

Mortgage update: they are waivering the 6 month rule and were meant to be sending me an application form on Tuesday to apply for consent to let. As of Saturday it hadn't arrived and they promise I should get it Monday or Tuesday. When I reminded them of the rush; i.e. I'm leaving the country, they suggested I faxed it. Where does one find a fax machine???

Still sticking with Torchwood, although I'm going to miss the end anyway!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

27 days to go!

Day 1 of my blog! Things are constantly busy at the moment and I'm starting to get a little stressed - I had months before I was to leave and suddenly I now only have 27 days until I fly out. Starting to declutter; decided to start on the food cupboard and tomorrow it's shoes!
Our visas have arrived, so that's good, but we're still waiting to hear from the mortgage company. For those who didn't know, our lovely bank mis-sold me a mortgage in May, informing me that it was fine to let with this mortgage and all I needed to go was inform them nearer the time that I will be letting it out. So last Friday that is exactly what I did, only to be infomed that I had to have the mortgage for 6 months before they'll consider to allow me to let the flat. Lloyds are accepting responsibilty and they're trying to get mortgage company to allow me to let. Still waiting...hopefully find out on Monday.

On another note, just watch first episode of new Torchwood - not sure I will bother to watch the rest!