Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 2 - Alll I need is the air that I breathe...

An earlier start today and we went to the Summer Palace via the metro. A beautiful day despite the pollution and heat.

We decided that it was essential that we had Beijing duck whilst in Beijing. I'm sure there's probably even a law that dictates this. Out comes my photocopied pages of the eating section of the Lonely Planet. There were two duck restaurants, we chose one and took he metro to the area. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring with us the pages with the map. So we spent an hour walking up and down a road looking for the restaurant. We eventually decided to ask someone and we found out we were on the wrong road. Restaurant found, very busy and we had to wait 30mins for a table. The hour walk and 30 min wait was worth it. We ordered a duck between us. Starting with pancakes, and hen they brought us duck soup, more duck (surprisingly) and a lovely dessert. The meal was finished with the traditional Chinese restaurant lycées. However, unlike the Chinese restaurants from the 90s, these were not in syrup from a tin, but instead beautifully fresh.
Full and satisfied we waddled back home.

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