Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 3 - you say goodbye (China)

Beijing Train station; busy and large queues to enter the station. We found our platform easily enough and with time to stock up on important train supplies; water, apples, beer and mama noodles (well the Chinese equivalent).  

Beijing Station

We had a 4 berth cabin and we found ourselves sharing a cabin with two lovely Mexicans; Arturo and Eduardo. Time went quickly as we passed through Chinese scenery, chatting about life and eating the only dish left in the food carriage, scrambled egg and tomato.

Enjoying the Great Wall wine

View from the back of the train

We arrived at the Chinese-Mongolian border around 9.30pm to all the staff lined up along the platform and being greeted by some rousing military music. Passports were taken and then we all had to leave the train. In the immigration centre everyone was delighted that the was a little supermarket and warm beer and chocolate was stocked up. We then had the choice to get on the train or wait at the centre whilst they change the bogies. The tracks in Mongolia are different from those in China. We decided to stay on the train, which was great. We stood in our carriage as we were lifted up whilst they changed the bogies. This took about 2 hours. Once everyone got back on the train, passports were given back and eventually we left at 1.30am. Then we reached the Mongolian border. Sadly no music. Passports collected again and fortunately we could all stay on the train  we got to stay in our beds, but we're regularly woken up with officials coming in and turning our lights on. We eventually left at 4am and finally we could go to sleep.

Waiting at The Chinese border

Changing the bogies

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